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Don’t Scare People Away With Your Online Dating Profile

In a previous post, I talked about how to choose an online dating site from the myriad that exist today.  Now, I’d like to talk about how to write a profile that will attract a person perfect for the special person that is YOU! According to a paper presented at the 2010 American Sociological Association […]

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A Little Mystery Goes A Long Way…

Have you ever noticed how much we “over-share” about ourselves these days? In an age where social media is king, TMI is par for the course and a person’s every thought and physical movement is broadcast to millions online, we have all completely lost our mystery. Remember those sexy, enigmatic women in films who were so […]

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What’s Your Relationship Resolution?

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry to have been MIA over the past few weeks. I sentenced myself to some really great down time since Christmas…practically total sensory and technology deprivation. But now it’s time to get back to work and back to reality. Life awaits… We’ve entered a new year and while I’m sure we […]

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A Glimmer of Limerance?

Can love ever be unhealthy? I came across the concept of limerance in grad school and it continues to fascinate me. While research says that limerance only affects 5 percent of the population I can’t help but wonder…haven’t we all experienced a glimmer of limerance? So, what is limerance?  Limerance is the psychological state of deep infatuation.  According to […]

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How To Choose An Online Dating Site?

If you’re thinking about getting your feet wet in the wild and wonderful world of online dating, you’re probably not sure where to start. And, even if you’ve been doing online dating for a while with mixed results you might want to try a different site and see where that might take you… The interesting […]

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Is Everyone Meeting Online?

So, on Saturday night my husband and I went to a really great dinner party. Of the three other couples invited, we knew one couple very well, the hosts are new friends and the other couple we hadn’t yet met before. Everyone was incredibly interesting and so much fun – all  from different walks of life, a wide […]

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Great Date Thursday – special oops edition

LOL…I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday…that shows you where my head is.  So what are your plans for the weekend? Great date? Girls night out? Couch surfing? Well, if you’re dating or married…do something different this weekend. Spice things up! BUT… if you’re single..get the heck out there! You’re not going to meet ‘the one’ […]

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Complaints Men Have About Women

If this topic doesn’t generate a storm of comments, I don’t know what will. ;) What do men complain about when it comes to women…some things you may expect, some of it is interesting to talk about.. Here goes: 1. Your expectations are too high. Ever heard of Prince Charming?  A woman expects that her love […]

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8 Reasons to Say Sayonara

What’s the barometer for break-ups?  Do you ever second guess yourself about whether to stick it out or let someone go? Breaking up can be tricky. In fact, most break-ups don’t “stick” on the first try. Relationships are on-again and off-again all the time because people second guess their decisions or are lured back in […]

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From the Frog Files….

Well, you know how they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet the prince? Following is one of those tales…. Oh online dating….what can you say? It’s super hit or miss. Met a guy on eHarmony. Seemed very promising. Attractive, smart, wrote great emails. He’s a chef. Sounds great…I won’t […]

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