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What’s Your Relationship Resolution?

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry to have been MIA over the past few weeks. I sentenced myself to some really great down time since Christmas…practically total sensory and technology deprivation. But now it’s time to get back to work and back to reality. Life awaits… We’ve entered a new year and while I’m sure we […]

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Launch A Relationship Autopsy…

Do you know why your past relationships ended? If you have had a string of disappointing unions, it might be worthwhile to conduct a postmortem to see what patterns emerge. According to Dr. Phil, here’s how to conduct your own relationship autopsy: Identify what your problems and frustrations were with your relationship. Write down the […]

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all skate

All Skate: What Do You Want to Know?

Well, today is Wednesday…and it’s occured to me…here I am, every day, posting away…how rude of me….I’ve never asked YOU what you’d like to see. What do you want to know or discuss here? Jump in…it’s an “all skate” so it’s your choice! (sorry, if you don’t know what “all skate” means, you probably didn’t grow up having […]

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kindle and books

Top 5 “Must Read” Relationship Books

I find it interesting that in order to drive a car you need to take a test and be licensed, in order to scuba dive you need to take a class and be certified, in order to have a career most people need to graduate from school…but in order to date and have a relationship you don’t […]

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lady in red

Seeing Red…In A New Way

Do you blend into the pack…or stand out from the rest? Let’s tap into some very cool research to learn what draws the eye of the opposite sex. In 2010, researchers Kayser, Elliot, and Feltman evaluated the effect of women wearing red on the feelings and behavior of men. In two experiments, men were asked to […]

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love note

Ritualize Your Relationship!

Have you consciously thought of your partner today? Or is your day just a whirling blur until you collapse at night? It’s time to take your relationship off the back burner and be more intentional about the ways you show your better half how you feel. Relationship rituals are ways of expressing love through symbolic gestures […]

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