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Think You’re Ready to Marry?

Getting married is a very exciting thing. The proposal, the ring, the big party! It’s natural to get excited and focus all your attention on the “big day”, but, what will your life be like after the wedding? Interestingly, this is an area that’s often ignored by engaged couples… or even couples who are just […]

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Chasing the “In-Love” Dragon

It seems like a rite of passage in relationships – confusing love and lust. Can you tell the difference? Your brain can. Let’s take a look at the feelings a person experiences when they are in love, and the cycle of that first, early “in-love” period of a relationship. It’s all really very science-y. Researchers […]

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How Technology Can Ruin Your Life…

So, you’re in love. You’re feeling frisky and you text a naked photo to your boyfriend…or you post sexy pictures of yourself on Facebook, or impulsive videos of yourself on YouTube. Well, you may find out later that was a mistake. Did you know that: 57% of single women have sexted and, 69% of women […]

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The Power of A Facebook Status

Though Facebook was created to connect old and new friends, help you to network and share your thoughts, one feature of Facebook consistently seems to cause stress, anxiety and even strife – the relationship status feature. A partner’s willingness to declare their love and commitment simultaneously to all their friends, colleagues and family members carries a lot […]

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Would You Date A Coworker?

Dating in the office can be very controversial. Some workplaces forbid it, others don’t. But either way it can be a risk. If things don’t work out you still need to work together….talk about awkward! And, let’s not even think about the office gossip and sexual harassment cases that may follow those who are unsucessful in office love. […]

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Can You Smell “The One?”

There’s a whole lot of interesting research out there about pheromones. I’ve read that folks are making perfumes with pheromones in them to help you attract the right partner…crazy!  Then again, I’ve also heard that all you have to do is wear the smell of vanilla or chocolate chip cookies and a parade of men […]

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Is Emotional Abuse Poisoning Your Self-Worth?

If you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, would you know it?  Would you dismiss it as no big deal? Emotional abuse doesn’t leave any visible external scars, but the effects of emotional abuse can be more severe and longer lasting than healing from a physical trauma. Being emotionally abused by a partner or date mutilates your […]

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Can You Smell The Desperation?

I used to work with a woman years ago who had the men in the office scared out of their wits. It wasn’t because she was a tough boss or a demanding coworker…it was because she was totally desperate to land a man. The truth is that she is and was an awesome person – […]

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Myth Buster: Opposites Don’t Actually Attract….

Ever since you were old enough to date, someone was telling you tidbits about how attraction works. By the time of your first crush, someone had already pulled you over at your locker and told you that “opposites attract.” Makes sense in theory, right? Find someone with opposite traits and two perfect halves come together to make a perfect […]

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Are You Approachable?

I went to a really cool lecture this week on mindfulness and meditation. The instructor spoke about seeing the goodness in yourself, which got me thinking… When I was in my 20’s, I was what you might call “shy.” unfortunately the reality really was that I was  self-conscious and afraid (probably of getting hurt). So my way of being […]

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