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Love Mixology

Have you ever wondered about love – what causes it? How is it made? What is it’s make-up? And, ultimately what is the recipe for success in love? Well, these are all interesting questions answered within this Psychology Today article by Kristine Keller, M.A. In the article, Kristine shares some great information about love research.  […]

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REBLOG: The Top 10 Relationship Words That Are Not Translatable Into English

I read a lot of blogs…lots. I truly find what other people write about fascinating! My husband has gotten into it too.  Last week, he sent me the following piece…It’s pretty awesome, so I thought it would be fun to share it here. I definitely recommend checking out this site, big think.  On the site, […]

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Launch A Relationship Autopsy…

Do you know why your past relationships ended? If you have had a string of disappointing unions, it might be worthwhile to conduct a postmortem to see what patterns emerge. According to Dr. Phil, here’s how to conduct your own relationship autopsy: Identify what your problems and frustrations were with your relationship. Write down the […]

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To Shack Up Or Not To Shack Up?

This is a topic that lots of people have opinions on.  Me? I’m torn. I often think that people are way to quick to move-in together – usually before they really know the other person well enough to know their quirks, their ability to be responsible or whether they share space well or are selfish. […]

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Please Stow Your Baggage…

What toll does our emotional baggage take on our ability to have a successful relationship? When we start any new relationship we bring lots of our past into that new dynamic. Of course, most of us call it baggage… So, what is baggage?  Urban dictionary defines emotional baggage as: Painful memories, mistrust and hurt carried […]

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Debunking the Divorce Rate…

For decades, we’ve been told that nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce…but is that really true? And, are there factors that are more likely to be predictors of divorce than others? According to this interesting article in Time magazine, that 50% statistic may not necessarily be accurate. Discussing the work of Tara Parker-Pope, a […]

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All Skate: What Do You Want to Know?

Well, today is Wednesday…and it’s occured to me…here I am, every day, posting away…how rude of me….I’ve never asked YOU what you’d like to see. What do you want to know or discuss here? Jump in…it’s an “all skate” so it’s your choice! (sorry, if you don’t know what “all skate” means, you probably didn’t grow up having […]

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Singles: Rock the Holidays!

Here come the holidays. For just about everyone this is a time of stress, exhaustion and too many sweets. But, if you are in-between relationships there are a whole different set of challenges and frustrations. Whether tired of all the family questions about your marital status, sick of your Aunt Judy trying to set you up with her daughter’s […]

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date night

Dating in Stages

Happy Monday! (ugh) For those of you who have not yet read John Gray’s fantastic book, Mars and Venus on a Date, I wanted to take today to talk about an important revelation shared in the book. In dating, there are actually five distinct stages. Knowing about these stages and being able to identify them as […]

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Love Is An Inside Job….

How do you really feel about YOU. I’m sure you’ve heard it before – how much you actually like/love yourself significantly impacts your ability to attract a healthy, meaningful relationship.  But what does that really mean? I came across this really interesting article in Psychology Today in which Gay Hendricks, PhD. says the following: The reason that human beings, […]

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